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[2022-23 Academic Year] Week-20 (01/29/2023) – Circular

[2022-23 Academic Year] Week-20 (01/29/2023) – Circular

Week-20 (01/29/2023) – Circular

அன்புடையீர் வணக்கம்,

Please read this email in its entirety since it contains lots of important information. 

Important note: Monthly test #5 will be conducted for grades Adv. KG, & grades 2-8 this week.

Upcoming important dates/events:

January 29, 2023:        Test-5 (Adv KG, Grades 2-8)

February 19, 2023: Holiday (President’s day)

March 05, 2023: Test-6 (Adv KG, Grades 2-8)

Tamil Virtual Academy (TVA): Thanks for submitting the TVA registration form for the 2023 exam. Mr. Chakara is compiling all the details and working with TVA India to finalize the examination date and details. Mr. Chakara will provide an update to the registered students soon. 

Assembly: The school will start with an assembly session at 9:45 AM behind the building if weather permits or else it may be held indoors.

Upcoming assembly performance schedule:

Feb 05, 2023: Grade 2, section A (2nd group)

Feb 12, 2023: Adv. KG

Feb 26, 2023: Grade 1, section A

Mar 12, 2023: Grade 1, section B

Full assembly performance calendar schedule: URL

State seal of biliteracy exam coachingTo assist high school senior students in getting the biliteracy seal in the Tamil language, our school volunteers are conducting coaching and refresher classes every Sunday at our school starting at 10:00 am. See details in the presentation posted here. Looking forward to seeing many high school graduating students take advantage of this opportunity & earn the seal of biliteracy. Interested and eligible students should contact the school principal/vice-principal to sign up. 

 Attendance: Attendance is a critical component of our grading system as you all should know. The attendance officer will mark attendance during the live classroom session. Arriving after the assembly or leaving before 11.15 am will be marked as tardy. Don’t forget that 100% attendance for the academic year is recognized at the year’s end. 

Important links:

School calendar: https://www.catamilacademy.org/FolsomSchedule.html

For all other technical support and questions, please reach out to administration team in the link below: 


வாழ்க தமிழ்!


Kavitha & Raj

STA Administration team


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