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Week-05 (09/26/2021) – Circular

Week-05 (09/26/2021) – Circular

Week-05 (09/26/2021) – Circular

அன்புடையீர் வணக்கம்,

Welcome to week-5 of the 2021-22 academic year. Hope you all are doing well and safe.

Attendance: Attendance is a key component of our grading system as you all should know. Attendance will be marked by the attendance officer during the live classroom session (weekly Sunday 10-11:30 AM). Arriving after 10.15 am or leaving before 11.15 am will be marked as Tardy. Don’t forget that 100% attendance for the academic year gets a special recognition at the end of the year.

TVA and ASTC: TVA (Tamil Virtual Academy, details) and ASTC (After School Tamil Club, details) classes are expected to start on October 15, 2021. Interested Parents are requested to register by October 5, 2021. Information about the classes and registration links can be found in the details linked above.

For further information, please contact Mr. Chakaravarty D Rajagopal at chakaravarty.d.rajagopal@sactamilacademy.org.

Books for current year:

Grades V – VIII: Books are available online for now as shipment from Singapore is delayed due to CoVID-19 shipment restrictions. We request Parents to help their kids access the online books through parent login. Physical textbooks are expected to be distributed by early October. Expect further communication in that regard.

To access the books, login to your ITA/CTA account, select Parent Access, Child Resources Info and click on the book icon below the ITA textbook header. This should give the list of books for your child. Select the book name to open it (make sure pop-up blocker is not active).

Grades Preschool 1 to Grade IV: Book distribution is closed. Please reach out to the school principal if you have not received the text books. There are few students yet to receive story books and we are hoping to distribute them along with higher grade textbooks.

Assembly: School will start with a virtual assembly at 9:45 AM. After assembly, students are required to join their individual classroom sessions conducted by their respective teachers.

Parents eager to join the assembly session can use the following video call link: https://meet.google.com/usx-kpcm-eac. Teachers/Students should have a separate invitation to join the assembly as live stream participants.

Upcoming class assembly performance:

Sep 26 2021:      Grade 7, section A

Oct 03 2021:       Grade 7, section B

Oct 10 2021:       Grade 6, section A

Oct 24 2021:       Grade 6, section B

Upcoming important dates:

Oct 17 2021:       Test -2 (applicable only to Adv. KG, Grades 2 to 8)

Conversation Videos by AKT (grades KG, 1, & 2):

Conversation videos by AKT are made to be part of the curriculum for Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2. Access is available to those videos on the CTA / ITA webportal for the respective teachers and parents.


Here are the links to documents on “How to access Conversation Videos by AKT” for different roles:


Teachers – https://tinyurl.com/ConversationVideos-Teachers

Parents – https://tinyurl.com/ConversationVideos-Parents

Instruction method: Classes are conducted through Google classroom & meet. All new students by now should have received and activated their sactamilacademy Google workspace logins. If not, please reach out to their teachers and/or principal(s). For security reasons, all students & teachers must join or access the content and meeting ONLY through the authorized sactamilacademy.org Google workspace. Since this facility allows each student to have a full google account, Parents are responsible to monitor their child’s activities, progress, & assignments.

For all other technical support and/or questions, please reach out to administration team below:

Incharge Name Phone Email
Principal Rajarajan Thangavelu (916) 342-6678 rajarajan.thangavelu@sactamilacademy.org
Vice Principal Kavitha Manoharan (916) 917-8902 kavitha.manoharan@sactamilacademy.org


Online Tamil library resources:



Educational/Informational links:


2021-22 Academic Year Calendar


வாழ்க தமிழ்!


Kavitha & Raj

STA Administration team



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