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FeTNA Tamil Theni 2022

FeTNA Tamil Theni 2022

Dear STA Parents & Students,

FeTNA’s தமிழ்த்தேனீ 2022 is officially launched now. We received the communication only on Mar 27, 2022 and the timeline to close the school level contestants and registration is fast approaching. School level contestants need to be finalized by Apr 18, 2022. See below table (Tamil Theni 2022 Schedule) for full schedule. Please comprehend the schedule to determine your availability before registration/participation.

To meet this schedule, we’ll use the FeTNA’s quiz app to finalize our school representatives unlike last year with a local school level event. ‘Tamil Theni Quiz’ is a live online event. Students can participate and answer the questions with their audio/voice. FeTNA will conduct these quizzes at the scheduled time for different levels (age groups). All participants will be playing at the same time and top 10 scores will be published in the leaderboard. FeTNA will send the scores to us and we will use those scores to select the final team representing our school for the next round of competition in levels 1-3.

How to participate

  • Complete google form to indicate your intent to participate: https://forms.gle/AFcsSZ49ZzJVHuEp9
  • Visit https://tamiltheni.org/quiz, follow instructions to visit Quiz app, login and set your Children’s profile (Name and School ID)
    • Use Z4S5 for school ID (Sacramento Tamil Academy)
  • Check upcoming Quiz schedules for desired Level (check Home page for Levels and age qualifications)
  • Join the Quiz session and score points

Online Quiz schedule:

Level 1
Practice Fri 4/1 6:30pm Pacific
Live Sun 4/3 9:00am Pacific
Practice Fri 4/8 6:30pm Pacific
Live Sat 4/9 11:00am Pacific

Level 2
Practice Sat 4/2 9:00am Pacific
Live Sun 4/3 11:00am Pacific
Live Sat 4/9 9:00am Pacific

Level 3
Practice Sat 4/2 11:00am Pacific
Live Sun 4/3 2:00pm Pacific
Live Sat 4/9 2:00pm Pacific

No retakes – Only the score from first Quiz session will be sent to the School

Practice – A few practice Quiz will be scheduled. Scores from that will not be published.

Zoom – There is no Zoom or other video session. This is a LIVE online only Quiz.

Quiz assist – DO NOT assist your children with the answers.

The best student will be representing your school up to the Nationals. Nationals competitions are through Zoom and in-person.

Accuracy – Quiz is driven by Google’s AI for Tamil language. While we have maximized context configuration for this AI, the transcription (speech to text) may have inaccuracies.

Clear pronunciation (minimizing US/English accent) will greatly help with the accuracy.

Alternate answers are coded-in where applicable to accommodate known variations to the answer.

Contact: Email info@tamiltheni.org if you have any questions about the online quiz.

Tamil Theni 2022 Schedule:

When? What? Where? How?
Apr 18 2022 School level contestants are finalized Online App
Apr 18 2022 Registration closes Online Through FeTNA Tamiltheni website. Registration fee $20 per team ($10 per participant)
Apr 23 2022 Regional/zonal competitions start Online FeTNA App/Zoom/Google meet
May 30 2022 Zonal winners identified Online FeTNA App/Zoom/Google meet
Jul 1-3, 2022 FetNA Nationals New York In Person

Age limit/rules:

Level Age limit Born after Competition scope
L1 8 years June 30, 2014 Tell Tamil word for the given picture
L2 12 years June 30, 2010 Translate English sentences to Tamil
L3 17 years June 30, 2005 Translate & write Tamil sentences
  • Contest is open to children living in US and Canada
  • Contestants must be attending a registered Tamil school for the last 2 years
  • Registered Tamil School is one that is either registered with CTA (California Tamil Academy) or ATA (American Tamil Academy), or a registered non-profit entity teaching Tamil for at least 2 years
  • All contestants must have lived in US for at least last 2 years
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 contestants must have been living permanently in US from at least age 4 onward
  • Contestants can only register for one Level

Detailed competition rules are available in the FETNA website:

Rules              https://tamiltheni.org/competition/

Word List        https://tamiltheni.org/word-list/

Registration   https://tamiltheni.org/registration/


Kavitha & Raj

Sacramento Tamil Academy, Folsom, CA

மறுமொழி இடவும்

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