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[2022-23 Academic Year] Week-13 (11/20/2022) – Circular

[2022-23 Academic Year] Week-13 (11/20/2022) – Circular

[2022-23 Academic Year] Week-13 (11/20/2022) – Circular

அன்புடையீர் வணக்கம்,

Welcome to the 13th week of the 2022-23 academic year. We have school on Nov 20th, tomorrow and the school will be closed on Nov 27th for the Thanksgiving holiday.  

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season, we would like to share our sincere gratitude for all of you in our Sacramento Tamil Academy. This time of year is one for reflection and reminding ourselves of all the great things we can celebrate in our lives. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones. 

As a reminder to help keep your family and others healthy during this holiday season, please have your child remain at home if they are sick. Also, it’s important to remind your child about frequent handwashing and covering their cough or sneeze to help prevent the spreading of viruses.

TVA (Tamil Virtual Academy): STA parents/students who are interested in registering for the TVA 2023 exam are requested to contact Mr. Chakara at chakaravarty.d.rajagopal@sactamilacademy.org

Upcoming important dates/events:

November 20, 2022: Term 2 starts

November 27, 2022: Thanksgiving holiday

December 18, 2022: Test-4/Project (Adv KG, Grades 2-8)

December 25, 2022, January 01, 2023: Winter Holidays

Assembly: The school will start with an assembly session at 9:45 AM behind the building. 

Upcoming assembly performance schedule:

Nov 20, 2022: Grade 5, section A

Dec 04, 2022: Grade 5, section B

Dec 11, 2022: Grade 4, section A (1st group)

Full assembly performance calendar schedule: URL

Attendance: Attendance is a critical component of our grading system as you all should know. The attendance officer will mark attendance during the live classroom session. Arriving after the assembly or leaving before 11.15 am will be marked as tardy. Don’t forget that 100% attendance for the academic year is recognized at the year’s end. 

Health Check: We’d like to remind you to perform a daily symptom check on your child before sending them to school and keep them at home if they feel ill for any reason. With your support, we can reduce exposure to COVID-19 and other illnesses to protect our school community. Face coverings are suggested for students & individuals on the school campus. 

At-home COVID-19 tests: All should have received a free at-home CoVID-19 test kit. We still have a few left and if anyone wants them, feel free to stop by our front office. FDA has extended the expiration dates for these COVID-19 test kits. See here: iHealth COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (9-to-12-month extension). The lot code we supplied, 221CO20214, is valid till Feb 13, 2023. 

If your student (or the volunteer) receives a positive test result, please do the following:

  1. Follow the SCPH Guidance & Decision Tree
  2. Register & report your results to our school through https://my.primary.health/l/sactamilacademy


Important links:

School calendar: https://www.catamilacademy.org/FolsomSchedule.html

For all other technical support and questions, please reach out to the administration team below:

Incharge Name Phone Email
Principal Rajarajan Thangavelu (916) 342-6678 rajarajan.thangavelu@sactamilacademy.org
Vice Principal Kavitha Manoharan (916) 917-8902 kavitha.manoharan@sactamilacademy.org


வாழ்க தமிழ்!


Kavitha & Raj

STA Administration team


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